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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 28, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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. >> this is kpix 5 news. we have breaking news tonight. moments ago bart unions gave notice they could strike on monday morning. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. >> reporter: let me start with what happened moments ago. this evening there was tension at both sides went into bart headquarters here. they sat down and talked for three hours. and right after 10:30 the meeting ended. a spokesman came out and dropped a bomb shell and he told reporters that the two unions, the workers unions for bart sent a letter to bart
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announcing a 72 hour notice that there will be a strike monday morning. the bart workers unions will go on strike monday morning unless something changes. >> they promised 72 hours notice. they've given it. they don't have to go. in the past there's been times when we've gotten notice and they haven't gone. the letter says they'll continue to bargain in good faith and we're looking forward to that. >> reporter: both sides will be back at the bargaining table starting at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. both sides said they will continue to negotiate but 72 hours notice is hanging over the balance here. so what's happening here in the background? we've been reporting sticky points. the main one being a salary increase. bart claims the union wanted a 23 percent increase salary increase. the union said we've gone without a salary increase for
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several years. and they said it would be a three percent increase if you took it over several years. they're talking about pensions and whether or not the union should pay in and health benefits as well. the union had no comment as the meeting broke up tonight. i talked to one representative through text messages. they said they believe the way bart has been handling itself having news conferences. announcing sticking points before they brought them before the table to the other side, they said they believe they don't even think bart is seriously negotiating right now and has no intention of trying to avert the strike and reach a deal by the deadline on sunday evening. a lot of talk tonight. and a lot of tension. and now you hear it, just within the last 40 minutes offer so they announced 72 hour notice there will be a strike. >> ac transit workers said they will strike if bart strikes. any word from them tonight? >> reporter: their workers said
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that basically because ac transit hasn't come up with a plan to deal with the onslaught of commuters on those buses, that the workers there -- by the way their contract ends at the same time on sunday night. they said they would join the strike. we talked to a union representative tonight. they said they're negotiating with their management but this could be a game changer and they're talking about what they would do next. >> could be a complete transportation disaster. so if the strike does happen, how will you get around? well, you can start preparing now. we posted some transit alternatives on the website >> you may not be able to ride a bus or a bart train but a beautiful night on a ferris wheel at the alameda county fair. if you thought it was hot today, wait until tomorrow. we shall see. in the mean time, it's still -- this is kind of a things to
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come. we have very warm nights ahead of us inland and warm days as well. high pressure over the desert southwest at this hour is moving closer to the west coast. as it does, it brings very hot air with it. heat advisories are up for the weekend. for southern california, they'll be extended to the bay area. if the mid 70s to 108. it's not going to be gone for a day or two. it will be through tuesday. let's get an update from the san andreas fault. >> 3.9 magnitude quake hitting before 9:00 tonight. southwest of the city of holster. for years people have been driving passed a bunch of explosives and no one new about it until today. christin ayers shows us construction workers found out the hard way. >> reporter: doyle drive isn't
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100 feet beyond this fence. and right in front of doyle drive is the construction site where workers did discover antique explosives that have been lying there dormant right near many people driving by for we don't know how long. >> fire in the hole. fire in the hole. fire in the hole. >> reporter: it only took moments to destroy this 20-inch civil war era shell. it's rusted and covered with dirt. bomb technicians called in from travis airport base had no way of knowing whether it was a live round. they detonated it. the second munition found out this sight in two days. >> we found a cannon ball. there's intense construction going on. all sorts of earth is being dug up that hasn't bun covered for a while. >> reporter: authorities shut down part of doyle drive and evacuated the immediate area around the construction site.
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construction crews are specially trained to identify them and turn them over. >> you take extra precautions. they let us know right away if they find something and immediately we call in travis. >> reporter: everything has been reopened at this point. we're still waiting to find out what type of shell this munition was, live in san francisco, christin ayers, kpix 5. that wasn't the only time we heard fire in the hole today. bomb squad blew up three world war ii era grenades. a care giver was cleaning out the house when she found them in a box. sheriffs deputies say they were made in china. tonight, if you have a student loan out there. sit down. this is not going to go well. interest rates on subsidized loans will double on monday
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from public 3.4 to 6.8 percent. democrats and republicans agree something needs to be done. they can't agree on what. does that sound familiar? they've delayed action until after the july 4th recess. senators could vote on a one year extension of the current rates when they return to washington on july 10th. senators passed immigration reform that would clear a path to citizenship for millions. the bill expands the number of visas to migrant farm workers and skilled foreign workers. it adds $46 billion to patrol security and gives undocumented workers chance gain citizenship. >> you get to stay here if we
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decide you can stay. >> the bipartisan senate bill has the president's support but it could be dead on arrival at the house where conservatives oppose a special pass to citizenship for illegal immigrants. a california law is cut and dry when it comes to drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth, you get caught, you get slapped with a charge, conviction, and jail. tonight there's a move to make that stiff law more wobbly. sharon chen explains the change and how it would work. >> reporter: dorsi is a recovering drug addict. when he got out his record made it tough to find a job and a home. >> attaching a fell know -- felony to the community and kids and different circumstances. >> reporter: he supports a state proposal to reduce a penalty for having drugs for
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personal use. it's a felony, up to three years in prison if you're caught with a small amount of some of the most addictive drugs like cocaine, heroin, and crystal meth. under the bill, they could charge it as a wabbler, meaning they could choose a felony or a misdemeanor. >> the wobbler bill focuses on drug treatment and saves more than $160 million in court costs. >> there's 13 other states, the federal government and district of columbia that treat drug possession as a misdemeanor. >> reporter: chief scott is pass president of the california police chief's association says keeping the felony charge is critical to treatment because many people can get the felony expunged from their record with successful rehab. >> we find most people won't go to drug treatment without
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incentive. if these are reduced to misdemeanors that removes the incentives. >> reporter: harsher penalties don't reduce the rate of drug use but even if the bill passes prosecutors stand against it. while there may be a wobbling option it may rarely be used. sharon chen, kpix 5. >> the senate approved the wobbler bill. no word on what the governor thinks of it. a crazy twist in the high profile bay area murder case. and it makes you wonder how reliable dna evidence really is. >> the huge uproar over california governor's and their mistresses. wait until you hear how ,,,,
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sleep number. comfort individualized. spent months behind bars.. for a murder he didn't comm. . we learn tonight that an innocent man spent months behind mars for a murder that he never committed. kiet do explains how his dna wound up on a dead millionaires fingernails even though they never met. >> reporter: when robby was found dead in his mansion, it was not looking good the lucas anderson. the 26-year-old's dna was found on the millionaire's fingernails. he was facing life in prison or the death penalty. but now he's a freeman. >> he is a free man.
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>> reporter: anderson had an airtight alibi. >> it doesn't get any better than this. >> reporter: he was here at valley medical center with a blood alcohol level of .40. five times the legal limit. he was passed out stone cold drunk how did a homeless man's dna end up on a millionaire's body. the same paramedics that picked him up were at the murder scene a short time later. >> i'm certain they were wearing gloves. it could be as simple as their body and their clothes coming into contact with mr. anderson. >> reporter: are these ambulances clean? >> absolutely. >> reporter: brian hubble says they have a high cleanliness. >> once there's a conclusive decision on how that happens we
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look at preventative measures going forward. >> reporter: this is the first documented case in the country involving a paramedic transferring dna. the defense says it shows that science is not always a slam dunk. >> it assumed it's been collected right and tested right and analyzed right. and what we know here is something went wrong. >> the case against the three remaining defendants is still strong. quite the art exhibit in sacramento tonight. paintings of the wives of some of california's governors. merina shows us what's getting attention is the paintings of the governor's other lovers. >> she was a lover of ronald reagan. >> reporter: all lover of california's governors. each with a story of love, heart ache and influence.
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>> linda rondstadt. arnold schwartzeneger's housekeeper. >> reporter: her art work called politically vulnerable was supposed to hang outside a downtown bar and lounge. >> i felt like incorporating a group of strong, smart women that were also very comfortable with their sexuality and vulnerability was an interesting topic. >> reporter: she heard about the collection and complained. >> she felt there were many other women more worthy of celebration. >> reporter: they decided not to display the collection. >> it was hugely painful. it was 280 hours of my life. >> there's no such thing as bad publicity. >> reporter: the collection once meant for a bar. now drawing crowds at an art gallery. and the stories of the women she painted back in the spotlight, this time because of merit. >> i did not expect it being like this. >> reporter: out of that
1:56 am
controversy, somebody bought her entire collection. if you're ever in downtown sacramento, you can always buy a reprint. in downtown sacramento, merina for kpix 5. >> you can see the art collection inside the plaza at downtown sacramento. 72 hours notice barts union could go on strike. joe vasquez just got new information. >> reporter: we're learning more detail about what went wrong in these negotiations here tonight. antoinette bryant is a spokesperson for the atu, one of the workers unions for bart, we just spoke with her. take a listen. >> the district has not bargained in good faith the entire time we've been there. all the information they provided to us was not factual. and any information they didn't we're not going to give to you. the proposal we made to ensure workers were in a safe working environment. were met with no, no, no and
1:57 am
we're not interested. that's not the way to bargain a contract. that's not how you negotiate. we came to the table prepared to negotiate. sadly, district did not. >> reporter: so there it is. at about 10:30, 10:40 this evening. the union sent a letter to bart saying they are going to go on strike monday morning unless they can reach some kind of agreement. they'll be back at the table at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. and antoinette bryant told us a short while ago that she's reached out her union and the ftiu have reached out the the governor's office asking for a cooling off period. no response from the governor. that's a development we could see play out tomorrow. >> they pulled the 72 hour card. it's out there. they said 72 hours they're going on strike monday morning unless something changes. >> reporter: not the first time this sort of thing has happened. not the first time they've cried strike. this union and others. where actually it's a lot of pressure to get back at the
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table and hammer something out. a lot of people around the bay area hoping they can achieve that. tease} { toss to sports tease} { toss to sports t} you will "never" guess w . >> thank you joe. one thing i know is going to happen this weekend and on monday as well is the temperatures are going to skyrocket around the bay area. beaches remain in the 70s. and it's going to be hot right through tuesday. temperature trend in livermore has been climbing everyday until by saturday and sunday and monday we'll be at 100 degrees at least three if not four days in a row. high pressure building over the desert southwest. it will be stronger tomorrow and stronger on saturday. the peak day looks like it will be monday. central valley, 102 degrees. 108 in fresno. and 106 in redding. if you're in the bay area, we're looking at 74 degrees in
1:59 am
the city. 89 at san jose. 97 at concord. above average for this time of year. it will got hotter through the weekend. for tomorrow, it's plenty hot all ready. 90 degrees in sunnyvale. 98 in morgan hill. 70 at half-moon bay. 70 at pacifica. brentwood up to 121 tomorrow. in concord, 97. 100 at travis air force base. readings in the 90s. 71 at bedaga bay. in the far north, ukya hits 92 degrees. numbers edging toward 100 degrees tomorrow and saturday and sunday, 100, 101 on monday. monday's the warmest day it looks. it's not that certain. but it looks as if we'll get a break on wednesday and thursday. in the mean time, prepare for hot times in ,,,,
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oh-vitch . denis is here with sports
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you have the nba draft. >> here's a name you'll want to remember. listen to this. namana medovich. the warriors acquired a draft pick today to get the serbian guard for the 30th pick in tonight's nba draft. he's 22 years old. he's 6-4. and could serve as the team's third point guard. ken what's his name again? nemana medovich. what about the first pick? that's anthony bennett. he goes number one. victor from indiana to orlando, second over all, porter to the wizards. >> where'd cody zeller go? >> to the bob cats at number four. we got a blockbuster trend in the nba. the celtics trade kevin garnett, paul pierce, and jason
2:03 am
terry to the nets. in return, boston gets gerald wallace and three future first round picks. wow. serena williams cruised easily over caroline garcia at wimbledon today. and she's going to have something you won't believe in the next round. 42-year-old, alexandra, she's the oldest play her in wimbledon history to advance into the third round. the second oldest to reach the third round in any major. how does she stack up against the other sports. page was 59 when he was signed for one game. gordy howe was 52 when she retired. george was 48. nba veteran kevin willis was 44. i have them on hand. the thursday night top five.
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on sale, paying homage to their quarterback, i want to get lucky. referring to andrew luck. thank you very much. rogers getting practice jumps at alameda county fair. they jump this 100-foot truck. back to the nba draft the celtics pick lucas. struggled to fit the hat over his head of hair. ian desmond at number two and marley jones thinks he's got a base hit. but aaron hail lays out full extension to get the out at first base. and tiger woods is supposed to be at the at&t national. instead wattney putting on a show. ro we're all set to bundle your home and auto insurance together. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready
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from the firm that brought u "life's bleachable moments. oakland-base . a big bay area company just insulted america's dads. >> oakland bay's clorox is in hot water over this posting. six mistakes new dads make. on the list, letting babies eat off the floor. putting their clothes on backwards and taking them to casinos. >> that really a mistake? >> yes. it didn't go over very well as you may imagine. the company removed the post saying it was meant to be light hearted. >> i took my kids to hooters. she couldn't believe i took my
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